EP 23: Comparison is Your Kryptonite

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You find yourself skimming social media and suddenly you wonder what are you doing with your life? Ok, maybe it is not that extreme; however, you do start to question how fast or well you are achieving your goals. Comparison doesn't work if you want to create your goals with more ease and fun. In this week's episode we look at the cost of comparison and a few ways to quiet the comparison noise down.

Discussion Recap

  • Comparison can sneak up on you. One minute you are mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and the next minute you start to question how much you got down today. You start to feel like you aren't reaching your goals fast enough. Or that your goals aren't big enough.
  • That is what comparison does. 
  • While it might of supported you in achieving what you have it is likely sucking the joy out of what you are creating next.
  • Remember that what you see others post regarding their journey is only a fraction of what is going on for them.
  • Comparison leaves you feeling better than or less than - neither moves your forward.
  • Stay focused on your path, don't let what others are up to distract you from yours.

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