EP 22: Power, Purpose, and Permission to Rock Your Who with Laticia Jackson

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Understanding who you are and that who you are will evolve over time, creates the space to be clear on how you want to use your power. It also provides you an anchor to your purpose which can call you forward when you want to quit. In this episode, Sarah is joined by Laticia 'Action' Jackson, a health expert, fitness olympian, author of seven books, and overall powerhouse. Laticia and Sarah explore the ins and outs of discovering your power, your purpose, and unapologetically owning all of it. 

Dynamic, energetic and transparent is how Laticia “Action” Jackson has been described. She’s recognized globally as a Health and Fitness Expert, Fitness Olympian and 3-Time NPC State Fitness Champion. Action Jackson has received international coverage in 26 publications and is the author of 8 women’s wellness and fitness training books. She shares her passion with audiences around the world on TV shows such as C.W. 31 Good Day Sacramento, Blab TV, Council on Aging, WEAR 3 Channel 3, Fitness Friday’s before the Steve Harvey in the Morning Show and more! Her ability to connect, impact and transform diverse audiences has led her to be a key note speaker at numerous business and women empowerment events. A survivor of domestic violence, she utilizes her platform as an Olympian to speak on the signs of domestic violence and the importance of self-worth. Action Jackson is a member of Delta Sigma Theta and thrives in giving back! She's the owner of Action Jackson Speaks and the creator of Courageous Expressions, a product line celebrating the courage inside of every woman! 

Discussion Recap

  • What you were asked to dim down or stop doing as a kid could actually be your super power now.
  • Garnish the innate natural ability to lead in your kids.
  • You have innate gifts and you learn how to yield them through-out your life.
  • Live intentionally.
  • Purpose can be your greatest driver.
  • Purpose and why can be the differentiator between starting something and finishing something.
  • It is not all rainbows and butterflies.
  • Sometimes living for just the current day is the best thing you can do for yourself when you are looking to rebuild.
  • Faith, Family, and Friends can hold you up and hold you forward to keep going.
  • Until you understand your who, your what is irrelevant to the world.
  • Allow what you do to be an extension of who you are.
  • Give yourself permission to hear your own voice.
  • Embrace all of you and love who you are becoming.
  • It is ok to change your mind, just be aware if you are changing your mind based on fears.
  • Who's voices are you listening to? Know your who and it makes external voices less impactful.
  • The presence of fear does not negate your who.
  • It is not your job to make yourself small to make other people comfortable.
  • Not everyone is going to be a fit for who you are.
  • It takes work to be ok with people not liking you. 
  • Hear feedback and then decide which pieces you want to use and which you want to let go of.
  • Intentionally declutter all aspects of your life.
  • Allow the space for you and others to show up in their who and create conversation from that place.
  • Be willing to be in spaces that make you uncomfortable.
  • You can learn more about Laticia and connect with many of her amazing resources at: www.laticiaactionjackson.com
    • Social Media Handles:
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      • Instagram: @actionjacksonspeaks
      • LinkedIn: @laticiajackson
      • Twitter: @actionjacksonpt

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