EP 21: Put Down the Screens & Unplug for Real

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When was the last time you really unplugged? When was the last time you put down your phone, laptop, TV and really allowed yourself to just be present? One of the best ways to recharge is to take breaks from all of the outside stimuli. In this episode, Sarah shares her latest experience of being unplugged and tips on making it easier to put your phone in a drawer and leave it. 

Discussion Recap

  • Many of us have become addicted to our phones, laptops, TV, and various other types of screens. 

  • These screens are things we use to be productive and they are also things that distract us from what is right in front of us.

  • To prep for unplugging from screens completely, what do you need to be in place to make this less stressful for you? What do your teams need? What do your clients need? What systems can you use? etc. To have you feel confident in going offline.

  • What is your why in truly unplugging? Is it to be present with those around you? To recharge? To source yourself so you can go back out into the world and change it? To quiet all of the noise? All of the above?

  • It doesn't have to be days at a time. It could be one day you practice using no screens. Then next time it is two days and so on.

  • Give yourself the gift of being screen free. The inner quiet it can create for you is super powerful.


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