People would describe you as smart, confident, courageous, high-performing, and impactful. They would even say you are the leader among leaders.

Here's the dirty secret you are keeping ...

You don't see what they see about you. 

You can't help but think about the legacy you deeply want to build, the impact you know you are meant for, and the space you want to also have your own life.

Because you haven't reached the high-bar you’ve set and aren’t leading as you think you should be, nothing else measures up.

The more you lead, the more you create, the more visibility you have, the more you forget who you actually are. The more leadership feels like a burden. You wonder how you can make it all work.

And then you find yourself daydreaming about heading to an Alpaca farm and hiding out forever. 

What if you could have your inner game match your outer game? What if you saw yourself the way those that respect you saw you? What if you could lead with even more impact and feel like you get to be party to life at the same time?

I don’t know, maybe even, say, relax? (Did you gasp?)

Hey, I get it. Fellow high-performing, high-achieving, must take care of everything, Alpaca farm day dreamer, here.


I’m Sarah Schneider. Officially I am known as a leadership coach and trainer for high-impact leaders. I think of myself as a leadership whisperer and have been cultivating that skill since birth with some street cred added in for good measure. 15+ years developing leaders in the business world. Professional Certified Coach. High-impact business owner. And constantly taking on my own growth. I want you to have everything you dream of as a leader.

Now what?

Think about what is working in your leadership and life. Think about what you’d like more of in your leadership and life. Now imagine being able to take that and creating your own personalized leadership and life go-bag. Mindsets, tools, plans, beliefs, communication styles, insights, practices, shifts, and more that support you in shining a beaming light with your leadership. A beaming light that means more impact, influence, money, and life as you fully expressed.

Meeting Sarah has been one of the most impactful relationships I’ve had. Was I successful? Yes. Was I happy? Yes! Were there lots of dreams I’d ticked off my bucket list? Yes! And I knew there was more. I could feel it to my core. Things that I knew I wasn’t in integrity with myself about. Things I knew I skirted the issue with others. Lots and lots of time spent in my head with the swirl of commentary that my lovely “board of advisors” freely gives. Working with Sarah has created access to freedom and ease that is priceless. I feel like I’m finally moving out of the quicksand of inertia and able to maintain momentum.
— Teresa Stott - Dallas, TX

Working Together

There are a variety of ways to work together and they are summarized below. While there are differences in the services, what is woven through every single one, is that if you bring all of you, I’ll bring all of me, and we’ll make some magic happen.

Leader Letters sent out on Mondays to kick your week off. Part stories. Part champion. Part coaching. Part real talk. Right to your inbox. And soul.

Leader Power-Up Session - 90 minutes to take a leadership and/or life challenge you are facing and get you powerfully moving through it.

Choose Your Leadership Intensive - Six hours. You. Me. (in-person or virtual). Deep diving into your life and leadership, shaking it up, and coming away with clarity, purpose, power, and actions.

Choose Your Leadership Transformation - Ongoing one-on-one coaching designed to completely reinvent your leadership and life.

Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.
— Rumi

Not sure which is the right fit for you? No problem. Let’s connect for a complimentary discovery session to see what your challenges are and what you are looking to create. Please note, this is not a coaching session. Think of it more as a ‘are we a fit and how will we work together” session. Discovery sessions are required for anyone interested in the intensive or on-going coaching.

Sarah has the ability to get me to joyously do the work of creating the life I want for myself. With her help, I have been able to see what’s really important to me and to develop practices that support and nurture those things. With her wisdom, humor and commitment to me and my dream, I have been able to find the path to a life that I secretly dreamt about but never thought I could really have. Our sessions are invigorating, intimidating, enlightening and always amazing and I look forward to each and every one of them.
— Wendy Colgan - Seattle, WA