EP 20: You Don't Have to Fit Into One Thing

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Have you ever thought that many of your qualities conflict with each other and it leaves you feeling like a walking contradiction? The more we try to be one thing or to fit into one mold, label, or box, the more confused we can become on who we actually are. In this episode, Sarah shares a couple of stories and tips on allowing yourself to honor more of who you are evolving into.

Discussion Recap

  • For a good portion of my life I thought of myself as a walking contradiction because I didn't fit into just one box, mold, or label.

  • That time someone said I don't look very badass and all of the ways I thought I was going to have to change how I look.

  • Instead of thinking that parts of you conflict with each other what if it was actually you being multi-faceted and dynamic human being.

  • Understanding who you really are vs. who you think you should be is a way to break up molds, boxes, and labels.

  • Are you being perceived in away that aligns with who you are?

  • Come to terms with who you are and how you want to authentically show up.

  • The more we try to fit into a box, mold, or label, the more confused we become about who we are and how we want to show up.

  • Who you are can evolve into who you are becoming. Allow for the space in that journey.


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