EP 24: Countering the Pay Gap with Self-Advocacy

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Are you negotiating higher comp packages? Are you raising the rates of your programs and services? Do you feel guilty about asking for more? Do you actually get the value of your contributions? Between being on the hiring side of the table in the corporate world and working with her coaching clients, Sarah has noticed some common themes with how women relate to themselves and their worth when it comes to money. In this episode, Sarah shares a few of those themes and tips on advocating for yourself so that you can make more money.

Discussion Recap

  • It is very common for women to not negotiate the comp package offered to them. 
  • Many entrepreneurs want to have an impact and be of service and then feel like they can't charge for it.
  • Do you feel guilt for wanting to make more money because you already make good money? What if you used the additional money to give back and have an impact the way you want to?
  • Sit down and take stock of your background, training, education, life experiences, projects, roles, and everything in-between. When you get some altitude on it, you'll notice your vast experience and knowledge.
  • You can use all of this to contribute to your current and future role. 
  • Advocate for that and the results you create with all of it.
  • From there, your negotiation of a raise or being ok with raising your rates becomes about the value and results you create and less about how you perceive your worth or inner chatter.
  • One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is fully understanding the value and results your contributions have and create.
  • We all have extraordinary backgrounds that we can leverage for extraordinary futures.

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