EP 9: When Silence Becomes Soul-Crushing

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We have a voice. We have things we want to contribute. We want to be a part of change. And yet, using our voice, speaking our truths, leading the way, can be scary. Which means we may end up not saying what we crave to say. Over the course of a lifetime the things we don't say can be far more soul-crushing than the things we do say. In this episode, Sarah talks about the fears that get in our way of speaking up and ways to use your voice anyway. Ready to go from a soul-crushing silence to a soul-liberating roar?

Discussion Recap

  • Over the course of a lifetime, the things we don't say become far more crushing than the things we do say.
  • How do you reconcile the need to speak up and lead and the fear of being ridiculed?
  • What I learned by growing up in a family with differing political views.
  • When we feel helpless we don't take action. And when we don't take action things don't change.
  • What is the cost of your silence?
  • Hemming and hawing about what you want to say is exhuasting.
  • The inner of chatter of "Who the fuck am I to say anything?".
  • Know your own intentions and speak from that place.
  • Questions to ask yourself when you are torn between the choice of speaking up and not.
  • Do we hold the space for love even when it is hard?
  • Are you willing to change it from a soul-crushing silence to a soul-liberating roar?
  • Knowing the impact you want to have allows you to speak up for the things you care about.

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