EP 8: When You Think You Don't Like People with Brenna Joelle

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Do you have a story about yourself that has been running through your head for as long as you can remember? In this episode, Sarah is joined by Brenna Joelle and they take on the story of thinking you don't like people, when you actually do. This narrative and most of the narratives we have as humans, get in the way of our own growth and ability to connect with people. With some real talk and humor we take on challenging these stories. Brenna mentors high-level leaders and connects them to the resources and opportunities essential to achieving their goals. Brenna draws on more than two decades of experience as a former semi-professional athlete and leader in health and wellness, certified Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy practitioner, and seven years studying with Shamans in South America and globally. 

Discussion Recap

  • Brenna talks about being painfully shy growing up and feeling like she didn't know how to interact with people which turned into her deciding she didn't like people.
  • We came up with a story that people suck because it was too scary for us to really deal and be with them.
  • The things we say become our reality.
  • You get to be right about whatever you want to believe. Are those stories serving you?
  • You need to take full responsibility for your life, choices, and actions.
  • Leading from behind vs. owning the responsibility of leading from the front.
  • Brenna started to feel really lonely and realized that she had starting protecting herself from herself. She started to ask herself "who the fuck am I?" and led to a journey of self-awareness.
  • Our narratives can become a cop-out to not do what is uncomfortable.
  • You can't avoid relationships if you want to lead and grow.
  • Shifting the mindset from lack to opportunities and what could go right.
  • You have a choice to keep expanding. "You are a work of art." ~ Brenna
  • Finding your voice to then further express yourself with people.
  • Challenge the narratives that run through your head.
  • You can learn more and connect with Brenna at www.brennajoelle.com.

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