EP 7: What You Think are Your Flaws Might Actually be Your Superpowers

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You know that quality or characteristic of yours that you keep wishing would go away or be different? Well what if a superpower lived within that quality? In this episode we turn the things you think are flaws into a force for good. Plus, many of the qualities you think make you a weirdo are most likely the things people find endearing about you. Leverage these new superpowers to lead, communicate, and have more energy for other things.

Discussion Recap

  • Ask yourself the question "what if this thing I wanted to change about myself was actually a spidey sense"?
  • You can actually use these qualities for good if you can shift where you come from when you use them
  • Your "weirdo" qualities are likely the things people that love you will find endearing.
  • Understanding how to use these superpowers can add impact, influence, and fun to your leadership, life, and overall communication.
  • Plus it is loads more fun.

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