EP 10: How Ambition Plus Purpose Leads to Creating Time with Amy Nelson

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Time. We all come up against it and often wish we had more of it. And yet there are those that seem to be able to create so much more with their time. What makes the difference? In this episode, Sarah is joined by Amy Nelson where they look at how marrying ambition with purpose can lead to finding a way to create the time you need for the things you most want.

Amy Nelson is the cofounder and CEO of The Riveter, collaborative spaces for women, work and wellness on the West Coast. Prior to founding The Riveter Amy worked on strengthening democratic processes in Latin America and Ethiopia with The Carter Center, practiced corporate litigation for over a decade in New York City and Seattle, competed in marathons and triathlons, and helped to build Gen44, a national political fundraising organization for young Americans to support Barack Obama from the ground up. She has multiple degrees including her law degree from New York University. And Amy has three daughters under the age of 3.

Discussion Recap

  • Know what drives you - Amy is driven by the desire to create spaces for woman to have access to networks and relationships.
  • Relationships give you the foundation to the things you want to do and then they give you the opportunity to do the things you strive to do.
  • Having a purpose is the fundamental base of all of it - without it you won't go to the deep lengths you need to.
  • Ask for support - from everyone you need to.
  • Outsource the things that allow you to have the time to do what makes you happy. 
  • Instead of trying to do it all - relate to things as seasons. Empower the decision and not beat yourself up over it.
  • Your time is valuable. 
  • In those moments that you are overwhelmed or scared, talk to the people that can bring you back. And remember that you can solve the problems eventually.
  • Working out is often the first thing to go, which is why wellness programming is built into The Riveter. 
  • Choosing to be head down and relating to what you are building as a privilege. 
  • You make the time for the things that are a priority to you and sometimes those priorities shift.
  • Find what brings you alive and what the world needs - combine your purpose and ambition.
  • Learn more about Amy Nelson and all the great stuff going on at The Riveter.

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