Be Free

Be Courageous. Be Seen. Be Free. When I think about what The Badassery Project ™ message truly is, this is what comes to mind. The courage to be truly seen so that we can experience the freedom that comes from being who we are in this world. 

Under the idea of being free or freedom we often site things like religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and so on. What it seems we often forget about though is the freedom that comes from being ourselves. The freedom that comes from showing up in this world fully. Before starting my own business I worked in the corporate world where I had a variety of roles over the years, I moved around a lot, and I travelled almost every month. I was constantly on the move for something.

Looking back I think I was in search of the experience of feeling fully free. What didn't cross my mind at the time is that I felt shackled by the idea of who I should be. What I should look like. What I should be doing with my life. How I should talk. What my life should look like. 

It is hard to feel free when you are shackled to shoulds.

This weekend I was reflecting on what made last week such a great week. I had gone to several social events that were a mix of people I had never met before and friends. Typically in this kind of mix setting, I let some of myself out; however, still through a filter. What I realized last week is that I was fully me. I had the consistent experience of showing up and connecting with people as me. Not as some shackled version of myself. It was the opportunity to connect with others in an authentic, seen, real way that made the encounter all the more special. And freeing. 

The other cool thing about the experience, is it made for quick identification of kindred spirits. 

Instead of tip toeing around our personalities and beliefs and our own shoulds, we got to quickly experience the truths of each other. What a great way to build a friendship. Or in some cases, not build a friendship. The thing about being free as yourself - is that not everyone is going to like you. I have it that is where the courage part comes in. The courage to not be liked by everyone. The courage to not be everyone's cup of tea. After a week of being me all over the place and experiencing that freedom, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't any self-doubt talk or worry in my head. Did I piss anyone off? Did I share too much? What if they tell others how much they can't stand me?

Sure, those thoughts are there. It will take practice to be free and let go of the after-the-fact shackled shoulds. It is a step though. A step to owning ourselves and to be truly seen. And loved. Deeply loved by those that we let in.

How often do you feel the freedom that comes from being fully seen? I am going to continue practicing letting down the shoulds and showing up as my real, fabulous self. Want to join me?

Love & Laughter,