Femininity + Power

Until a few of years ago, I equated femininity with weakness. That to be seen as strong, capable, and equal I had to tone down my femininity. I was always careful to not dress too "girly" (which given my love of polka dots was a real buzz kill). I didn't curl my hair or feel comfortable wearing lipstick. I didn't dare show any of my heart. I worked in the male dominated field of IT and was always quick to show that I could hang with the best of them. I was so worried that if I was too feminine I wouldn't be seen as professional or be taken seriously. 

Now, all I have to say to that is, what a load of horse shit. 

Female. Woman. Feminine. 

Strength. Kindness. Intelligence. Warmth. Love. Source. Hearth. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover. Niece. Leader. Beauty. Power. Joy. Brave. Pioneer. Tender. Vivacious. Bold. Magnificent. Courage. So much courage.

Above are just some of the words I associate with femininity now. I love that I can rock polka dots, curls, and be a leader. I love that I can be feminine and still rock a foul mouth. I love that I can show my heart and be a professional woman out to change the lives of others. And I love that its ok if rocking femininity isn't your thing. 


The point is owning what you want to own. Who you want to show up as. Your power comes from your heart, soul, and mind. It comes from standing solidly in who you are. And not dimming it down or apologizing for it.

I certainly don't have it all figured out. I still catch myself doing it. I just keep choosing to be feminine and a total badass because that is what speaks to me.

Is there anything you are not doing, saying, being, wearing, or allowing yourself to have because you've confused femininity with weakness? Take a look and if the answer is yes, what is one thing you will choose differently this week?

Have a powerful week!

Love & Laughter,