You are Not an Ostrich - Get Your Head Out of the Sand

"You are not an ostrich get your head out of the sand", is a reminder I have been telling myself lately. Before we dig into that though, I want to be fair to the Ostrich. According to National Geographic, Ostriches do not actually bury their head in the sand. They dig holes to put their eggs in and several times a day roll the eggs. This gives the appearance that their head is in the sand. Mind blown.

Now that we have cleared that myth up ...

For a good portion of my life I had put my head in the sand regarding a lot of things. Another way to say that is I had ignored, avoided, or told myself "just me" wouldn't make any difference. Pretty much anything that made me uncomfortable, sad, or that my contribution wouldn't make a difference, I have put my head in the sand about at one time or another. Politics, the atrocities of the world, heartache of others, my dreams - if it made me feel a way I didn't want to - I worked to avoid it.

The thing is, overtime having my head in the sand began to wear on me. As I have become more clear about what I am committed to in this world the more important it has become for me to come up from the sand. The more I embrace my own power the more I realize how much of a difference I make in the world. It is really easy to tell ourselves that the "problem" is too big, there is no way that I'll make a difference. 

I actually have it that we all make a difference - even if we are not acknowledged for it. 

What are you ignoring out of discomfort? Or because you believe that you don't make a difference?

Really look.

Got one?

If it is something that is important to you and you are ignoring it, chances are, it is slowing eating away at your insides. That is how it has played out for me. What if by taking one step towards it, you begin aligning your heart and your actions?

For you it might be reshaping the belief that you don't or can't make a difference. It might be fully owning that you are a powerful human being that can make a difference in someone's world just by offering them a friendly smile on the street. Or the shoulder your friend leans on. Or by looking at the role you play in your own life.

Each time I feel myself avoiding something I am committed to, I playfully remind myself that I am not an ostrich. And its not uncommon for me to add in some colorful language, as that's how I roll. 

My invitation for you this week - take an action on something that is important to you but you've been avoiding. And as a bonus, let someone that has made a difference in your life, know that.

Have a powerful week! 

Love & Laughter,