EP 17: Adulthood and Making Friends

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It is often said that it is hard to make new friendships as an adult. Is it? Or does it just require us to be get further outside of our comfort zone. What happens when we aren't surrounded by people that become our friends and instead have to intentionally create friendships? Sarah takes these questions on in the latest episode.

Discussion Recap

  • As adults, people often say it is hard to make friends. 
  • Sarah shares stories about how she had to be surrounded by the same people for a long period of time for them to become friends.
  • When she moved to Seattle she set an intention to build a community and from that intention she created friendships.
  • Friendships and community don't just happen. It requires being willing to be rejected, making the time to cultivate the relationship, and consistency.
  • What does community mean for you? What is friendship for you? What do you crave in connection? Define that.
  • Challenge whatever beliefs you have that say you can't make friends as an adult.
  • What about your existing friendships? Is there an opportunity to deepen those relationships?
  • Buying only from women owned business project referenced in the episode: The Power of She
  • Co-working space referenced in the episode: The Riveter

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