Rock Your Impact Series - Step 1

Know Your Impact

Photo by José Martín

Photo by José Martín

Leadership happens in every day moments and those moments have a ripple effect. You are a leader. You impact the people around you. You make a difference in this world. You may not completely own that about yourself yet. Or maybe you own it and often feel yourself overwhelmed and burdened by it. 

I recently spoke at an event on rocking your impact as a leader and thought I would break each step into its own blog post. You ready to increase your impact as a leader?

First, you have to know your impact. Consider this for a moment, if you live until you are 80 and interact with another human being in any capacity every day from the time you are born, you will have interacted with 29,200 people. That is just one person a day! The more of your leadership you own and take on in the world the more people you influence. So your number is likely even bigger than 29,200. How exciting (and maybe a wee bit scary)!

Who you are matters and how you show up makes a difference.

Just by walking this earth you have impact. Do you know the impact you are having? Is it a conscious choice or just whatever works that day?

This isn't about being perfect. And it isn't about being epic every day. This is about being clear about the legacy you are living in this moment so that you can consciously impact the world the way you dream of.

I invite you this week to get clear on the impact you want to have.

What are you actually committed to creating in the world?

What is the legacy you are building?

What difference do you want to have?

From there you can consciously grow your impact as a leader and have a whole lot more clarity and fun doing it.

Mad Love & Respect,