Do You Have a Dirty Little Secret?

Dirty little secret, ey? Don't fret, I am not referring to anything nefarious.

Are you treating your deepest dream like a dirty little secret?

You know, not saying it out loud. Not speaking it to life. Keeping it hidden in the dark corners of your mind. Pushing it away anytime it comes up for light. Maybe you are embarrassed by the dream or the goal you want most. Maybe you don't believe it can actually happen so why even put words to it. Maybe it feels ridiculous.

Like most dirty little secrets it is going to follow you every where. Every job, relationship, home, trip - it will be there with you.

And at some point you make a decision. To live with the dirty little secret gnawing at you and accept it is just how life goes or to start exploring it. Start giving it freedom. Start recognizing that you'd rather risk being embarrassed, failing, or being ridiculous than to treat your beautiful vision for your life as a dirty little secret for one more day.

The first step is recognizing that you actually have an unspoken dream. I often see this with my clients. When we first start working together their goals and vision for their life are rational, realistic, logical. The vision is a little scary but somewhat still in their comfort zone. And then at some point they own that a component of their dream is missing. To be all of them, to be fully expressed in this life they begin to understand their need to explore the unspoken goal that has been whispering to them.

You see as humans we are wired to protect ourselves. To declare that we want something that we could fail miserably at or that feels like a fairytale that will never happen opens us up to disappointment. Which hurts. And sucks.

On the flip side, not living to our greatest selves hurts. And sucks. Oh and it robs this world of you fully alive and expressed.

Capping our own possibility and dreams is a soul sucking way to live. How do I know? I've done it. Over and over again. I recently realized a huge piece of me was missing from my vision and it has opened up my world. I'll be sharing about that in the coming weeks.

Listen to your whispers (the dreams not the gremlin). Look at where you are still drawing within the lines. Notice where you rationalize your goals. 

Shine the light on your badass dreams. Be outrageous.

With lots of mad love and respect,