One Question to Ask Yourself When Goals Stay Out of Reach

Do you spend a lot of time daydreaming about what you want? I do. Whether it be big, long term dreams or random one-off things my brain is filled with wants and goals. I am a big advocate of balancing being grateful for what you have with allowing yourself to want and create a life you love. It is not enough to want something or to write goals down though. We can want something all day long, yet it is what we are willing to do and be that brings the want to reality. 

I want a world where each and every woman feels worthy, loved, powerful, and seen. A world where she is unapologetically herself. And she experiences the freedom that comes with that. It is a beautiful world to want, yet, if it didn't go any further than my thoughts, it wouldn't make much of an impact. Every day I have to ask myself how vulnerable am I willing to be? What discomfort am I willing to lean into? What disappointments am I willing to dust myself off from? How seen am I willing to be to model an unapologetic life?

The answer varies each day. But it is one I always come back to. What am I willing to do and be to create what I want? 

I have also always wanted toned arms. Yet, the only heavy thing I pick up is the cast iron pan I use to make the food I want to eat. Suffice to say, I've never had toned arms. And if I am not willing to pick up more than a pan, I won't ever have toned arms.

What do you want?

A relationship of your dreams.

A home that is your sanctuary.

A business that aligns your passion and livelihood.

A dream job.

A healthy lifestyle.

A horse.

A trip of a lifetime. 

A tribe of fabulous humans.

A world without war.

A way to use your talents to make a difference.

A world with more love.

Now, what are you willing to do and be to bring your wants to life?

Before I send you on your merry way, I want to be clear on willing. A woman that wants to lose thirty pounds may be willing to starve herself to do it. A person that wants to be a millionaire may be willing to deceive to do it. Willing from that place is from pressure, desperation, fear.  It is using willing as a stick rather than a call forward. 

My invitation for you, especially you high-performers, is to look at what you are willing to take on in service of your goals, from a place of love. 

So, fierce and fabulous woman - what do you want and what are you willing to do and be to make it happen?


Love & Laughter,