EP 14: Simplify Your 2018 Planning with this One Question

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There are 100 ways to go about planning your first quarter or entire next year. Often when we sit down to plan for anything, our brain and overwhelm can get in the way. Which means then we don't actually set dreams and goals for what we actually want. In this episode, Sarah shares one question to start with, that can simplify your goal setting and allow yourself to dream outside of the how and actions. 

Discussion Recap

  • Have you completed your current year powerfully? If not, check out the previous episode first (ok, you don't have to, and it is a powerful way to step into what is next).

  • There are a million ways to define goals and loads of people out there telling you how to do it. Which can lead to overwhelm and living on Alpaca farms.

  • Consider starting with this question before you do any other planning - What experience do I want to have in 2018? What do I want to have experienced in 2018?

  • What do you crave more of in your life? Get in touch with that place and what would give you the experience of that? This is a heart conversation.

  • Once you have defined that, create your goals that will allow you to experience that.


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