EP 12: The Overachiever Gremlin

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Being a high-performer, high-achiever, ambitious, etc. has likely served you in creating your success. It also comes with the need to constantly overachieve which leaves you exhausted, never feeling like it is enough, and always striving. In this episode Sarah explores the gremlin behind overachieving, the cost it has on your life, and ways to practice something other than the need to accomplish everything. You know, so you can have more ease and joy along the way.

Discussion Recap

  • When will it be good enough? Which is actually - when will you be good enough?
  • So often we use a stick or fear-based motivation to achieve our goals. That works for us to a point and then one day it doesn't.
  • One day we wake up and realize we are exhausted, not having much fun, and never feeling like you measure up.
  • That is the overachiever gremlin. The one that has helped you be successful and has exhausted you along the way.
  • It is engrained in our culture to work hard, harder, more, keep going, and so many other badges of honor of being busy and always accomplishing things.
  • The cost though is that you achieve without getting to celebrate or really experience life the way you want.
  • Remember that your value is not determined by how much you have achieved. What if you based your value on something different? What if you got that your value was inherent? What if you celebrated your wins, even the ones that feel small or boring?

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