EP 4: Navigating the Pivot to Purpose with Dr. Jen

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When you decide that you want to do something more meaningful, navigating that pivot can be overwhelming. In this episode Sarah welcomes Dr. Jen O'Ryan, a specialist in gender and sexual orientation, who is pivoting from consulting in the IT space to building her own purposeful business. Sarah and Dr. Jen discuss knowing when to pivot, how things evolve while you are pivoting, dealing with other people's fears, and staying the course.

Discussion Recap

  • Pay attention to the ideas and thoughts that keep coming back around.
  • You might as well start now, time is going to pass either way.
  • Support to have in place as you work your day job and build your business.
  • Don't let other people's fears get on you.
  • Not everyone will agree with your beliefs - lead, educate, and find common ground anyway.
  • What can happen when two strangers with opposing views really listen.
  • Keep going, the pivot is worth it.
  • You can learn more about Dr. Jen and inclusion at My Kid Came Out and Twitter.

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