EP 2: The Power of Impact with Julie Fry

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Knowing the impact you want to have is a powerful way to build and lead. Not only do you get to align yourself with what you deeply care about you can also create a community around that impact. In this episode, Sarah welcomes Julie Fry, CEO of Business Among Moms, an international networking and education community. Sarah and Julie discuss navigating your impact as it grows, how to keep going when you want to curl into a tiny ball and weep, and making a difference while making money.

Discussion Recap

  • Julie talks about knowing from a young age that she wanted to do something that matters and how that has evolved over time.
  • What is the value Julie sees in understanding your own impact?
  • Julie has grown and scaled a community aligned with the impact she wants to be having in the world.
  • What do you do in the times you want to face palm and quit?
  • You can learn more about Julie and BAM at Business Among Moms and on Facebook.

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