Voice + Intention = Impact

The last blog post I wrote, When Silence Becomes Soul Crushing, focused on how the things we do not say can become far more crushing than the things we do say. The gist being - use your voice.

I absolutely believe that there is great power and freedom in speaking up and saying what you have to say. 

And there is another piece to it.


What do you actually want to convey, impact, create, etc. with your voice? The intention behind your words can profoundly shift how your words are received. 

Any turd behind a keyboard can sling words out into the world. 

The people that bridge divides, open up people's minds, cultivate connection, move their ideas forward, and ultimately have a positive impact - are the people that use their voice in a way that can be "heard" by others. It is one of the things effective leaders do really well.

"Sarah, you often remind us to stop trying to please everyone". Yes. In no way is this about making everyone happy. Or not having people negatively respond to your voice. That is the scary thing about using your voice - people will have something to say about it. The good, the bad, and the wtf.

Are you having the impact with your voice that you want to have in the world, in your relationships, with your work? If not, consider where you can adjust based on the really scientific formula below.

Voice + Intention = Impact

Please, please, please be in the world expressing yourself and contributing to the life and world you want to see. Just be clear on the impact you want to have with it.

Your voice matters. What will you create with it?

With Mad Love & Respect,