Can Outrage and Love Co-Exist?

On October 12th I posted the picture you see on the right to Instagram.

You can be outraged and still hold space for love.

And in the weeks following the post, that theory has been tested every single day. 

I have had many moments where I didn't want to hold the space for love. What I really wanted was to give a good portion of the population and even some people I deeply love a big middle finger. Was outrage and F' you present? Absolutely. Outrage and love, meh. 

I've been watching, reading, and observing the way in which people have been communicating with each other the past few months. Much of the communication seemingly making no difference. In reading and being with all of the hate, name calling, sadness, heartbreak, passion, protests and a million other things, it occurred to me that being outraged without love was a choice I was not willing to make. 

Not because I am not scared or disappointed but because who I and the rest of the world is in the absence of love is far more frightening to me.  It would be easy to say that there are those that don't deserve it. That they aren't operating with love for all so why should I? 

And the answer, is quite simple - I operate from love because it is who I choose to be in the world. Not only when it is easy and convenient but even when I want to throat punch those said humans.

There are some days I have to do a lot of work to come from love. There are some days where I am not super successful at it (and by not successful I mean totally avoiding that this is even happening, holy cow, wth). And then there are days where it is second nature to be outraged and love at the same time. 

I can't (and even if I could, I wouldn't) tell you what to do, how to behave, or where to come from when you are outraged. Your journey is your own. Your emotions and your actions are your own.

I will invite you though to get in touch with the best part of yourself. The part that loves and has compassion. The part of you that knows there is goodness in this world. The part of you that has seen the capacity of what love can do for even just one person.

Are you in touch with that part of you? Great, now practice coming from that place 1% more. That's it, just 1% more! 

And if you are having a moment of like "ugh, if one more person tells me to come from love I'm gonna lose my shit", I get it. I have had that thought numerous times. This isn't about holding a space for love at the expense of your voice. At the expense of standing for kindness and equality. It is holding a space for love with your outrage so that you can make a difference.

You can make a difference for yourself. Your friends. Your community. Your country. Your world. You really can.

I am practicing right along with you. And laughing at my own internal snarky dialogue when I need to. 

So what do you say? Is is possible for outrage and love to co-exist?

Mad love and respect for you,