Those Chatty Ladies

Last Monday I was flying from San Diego to Seattle. Two women sat catty-corner to me and didn't seem to have ever met before. I have no idea what their names were but lets call them Jane and Laura. From the moment Jane sat down next to Laura they were in conversation. Jane was in San Diego for a family wedding. Within minutes they were flipping through photos of the big day. Laura was genuinely interested in the wedding details and they continued to connect over various life topics for the entire two and half hour flight.

What a beautiful display of connecting with another human being.

Rewind two years ago and witnessing strangers connect so quickly really pissed me off. Who did they think they were? Having a cheery conversation when the rest of us are just fine with our music, work, and naps. From 2010 to 2013 I flew pretty frequently and I can recall only two times that I held a conversation with a fellow passenger that lasted more than ten minutes. I pretty much lived with my "talk to me and die" face on. As a side note it is ludicrously clear to me now why I never got asked out on dates, but that is for another day.

So why on earth would two strangers connecting piss me off? I wanted that quality. I wanted to be someone that strangers struck up conversations with. I wanted to be known and seen. I wanted to easily make friends. I wanted community. Well, come to find out, the things we want most but perceive we can't have, have the potential to piss us off. 

Through a great deal of personal growth, transformation, support from amazing friends, and family, different perspectives and truly experiencing the power of connection - I get it now. I get the beauty of old and new friends connecting. Many of you reading this taught me that lesson (there will be a quiz later). It just so happens, I actually love meeting new people, fostering authentic friendships, and even being the facilitator of other's connections. The Badassery Project is a product of that love. And it is no coincidence that we value love, laughter, and connection.

How amazing that two strangers can share so much of themselves and connect on a flight. Whether they continue to connect or never speak again, for two and half hours it was like Laura and Jane were the only people on the planet. Seven miles in the air, a friendship was born.

So, you amazing, powerful woman (yes you), when was the last time you took two and half hours to connect with someone with no interruptions?

Whether it comes naturally to you or currently feels like drinking battery acid - really connecting with someone has the power to feed your soul. It has the power to remind you that you are not alone. That you are seen. And it is equally a gift to that lucky person you connect with. 


With every blog post there will be a weekly challenge. Should you choose to accept, I'd love to hear about how it went. Share in the comments and connect with others in the community! 

Week 1 Challenge

Go spend two luscious hours connecting with another human being. Turn your phone off. Table the day's worries. Or better yet, put them on loud speaker with the person you are connecting with. Sit. Share. Listen. Connect. 

Have an amazing weekend all!

Love & Laughter,