3 Steps to Acknowledge the A** off Your Year


I write to you from the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania where I am hanging out with family in my child-hood home. It is very quiet here. My cell phone does not get reception. There is no car traffic. No neighbors right next door. All this quiet allows for a lot of reflection. With the year winding down my brain wanders around the happenings of 2015. With-out a course re-direct my go-to state would be to begin listing out all the things I didn't do or what could have been done better. 

That's crap. Lets repeat that. IT. IS. CRAP. 

Focusing on what we didn't do is a super clever way to stay feeling not enough. Or that there is more we need to have done. Instead, let's celebrate and acknowledge all that we've created. All that we've learned. All that we've experienced. All that we've been.

You deserve to celebrate it all! The littlest of wins and the big ones. Think of it as another way to fully own your power. 

Three Steps to Acknowledge & Celebrate YOU

  1. Make a List: sit down in your favorite spot and make a list of your wins (what did you create, learn, experience? who did you show up in the world as?). Your brain may go blank for a few minutes, but stick with it. 
  2. Solicit Support: now sit down with someone that has been with you all year. Someone that is your greatest champion. Ask them what other wins they see for you. Often, we forget or don't see all that we've created or been and/or we discount and minimize our achievements. 
  3. Celebrate: now the only thing you need to decide is how you will celebrate all that you are and all that you've been the past year. How will you wholeheartedly acknowledge and celebrate yourself? Great dinner, spa day, time with friends, favorite book - it is up to you. 

You are a magnificent creature. Celebrate that.

Love & Laughter,