Stop Being a Dick to Yourself

Caught your attention? Good. There is an epidemic pillaging our minds. The belief of not feeling good enough. Not feeling adequate. Not feeling enough period. For women, it seems to be a right of passage. The beast in the underbelly of our minds shouting "You suck!". Be and do more as a friend, boss, employee, entrepreneur, mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, woman, human being. Fuck, that is exhausting.

I wouldn't tolerate another person saying 98% of the things I say to myself. Yet, day after day I can be a total dick to myself. Sometimes it is super subtle. Like "hey, Glenda just created a super cool training course, won't it be great when you are that awesome and successful". Ummm, what about being awesome and successful now. Not when you match what Glenda has created, dick. For the record I don't know anyone named Glenda outside of the Wizard of Oz, but that name came to me while typing. 

And then there are the not even remotely subtle dickish things. Like "hey, your chin acne really accentuates, well your chin". Or, "you're a terrible writer". Or "remember when you were interesting, yeah me neither". 

I listen to that voice far less often than I used to. But it's there. It is part of the human experience to judge and compare ourselves. Yet, that is not where I want to live. That's not where I want the people I love to live. That's not where I want you to live. 

That beast has a way of keeping us in a perpetual state of feeling like a tiny piece of poo. It keeps us small. It keeps us from fully seeing the gift that we are. It keeps us from showing up fully.

This week, instead of wishing it would go away, try loving it instead. Give that friggin' beast a big giant hug, after all that beast is a part of you. 


With every blog post there will be a weekly challenge. Should you choose to accept, I'd love to hear about how it went. Share in the comments and connect with others in the community! 

Challenge 3

Every single day, write down at least three things about yourself that you love, enjoy, get a kick out-of. If you are having a shitty day and just can't come up with one thing - phone a friend and ask them to name something they love about you. Every. Single. Day. You deserve to hear it.

Make it a great week, you fierce, fabulous woman!

Love & Laughter,