People want to be more than just inspired by speakers. They want to be related to. They want to learn something that will allow them to take action towards their goals. They'd also like to not doze off in the middle. And I believe that as a speaker if you can provide all of that, connect with the audience, and have an impact, then you’ve done your job. 

I speak on leadership, mindsets, authenticity, and creating a mind-blowing life. Depending on the goal and size of your event the talks can be modified to have a training or workshop feel to it.

Popular Talks


Your Leadership Matters

You have a way of seeing things that only you can. You have a way of communicating things that only you can. You have background, education, training, life experience, wins/losses, that only you have. All of this means that your leadership is going to be unlike anyone else’s. Which means you can contribute to the world in a way that only you can. Claiming the power and impact your leadership has is a game changer. And continuously cultivating it, well, mind-blown.

In this talk, Sarah will ask the audience questions that will challenge the way they look at their own leadership. From that challenge, attendees will leave owning who they are as leaders and clear on what impact they want to have with their leadership.


Sometimes Leading Sucks (And What to do About it)

Being a leader, whether it be in an organization, an industry, in your business, or in your community, is not for the faint of heart. While choosing to lead is one of the most profound ways you can contribute to the world, it can also be extremely challenging. People don’t always like or understand you (that hurts). You question and doubt yourself (when will it ever be enough). You often feel solely responsible for things to work out (hello stress and burden). You are surrounded by people and yet you can feel alone (Cue the song “all by myself.”). Leading often feels at the expense of your own life (just one more email and then I’ll close the laptop). And it can feel impossible to keep up with your own expectations of yourself (your ol’ friend inner critic).

In this talk, Sarah brings a real and relatable conversation about the challenges of leading and provides several ways to navigate these challenges so that you can lead and keep your sanity and soul in the process. 

Other Sample Talks

Mindsets that Build Legacies (aka Unleash Your Inner Badassery)

The Leadership Cape: Lead with more Impact

Be Your Own Driving Force


Candid, interactive discussions, and actions during and after the workshop are all blended together to create a one-of-a-kind, engaging, effective, transformative and lasting experience. Any of the above talks can be delivered workshop style. Below are two samples of workshops Sarah offers.


Take your teams from disjointed (I) to unified (we), Improve communication between leaders, Increase employee engagement and performance, Teach leaders how to increase their impact and influence in a positive way.


Do your employees know where the company is headed? Are your teams operating under a unified goal? Whether you are just starting a company, going through a reorganization, or looking at reigniting the passion in your organization, having a clear vision is the first step.

Emotion, blind spots, fear, history, obstacles, etc. can get in the way of not only generating a clear vision but also allowing yourself to really dream. Bring in Sarah as an objective third party, who blends years of facilitation, business analysis, project management, leadership, and coaching to create a clear vision and action plan with you.

Rave Reviews

Sarah recently spoke at one of my networking chapter events on leadership. I’m a tough judge of speakers and she knocked it out of the park. She is funny, relatable, delivers a great message that inspires, teaches and makes you laugh. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to hire a speaker for an event, workshop or retreat.
— Julie Fry, CEO Business Among Moms
Sarah’s Empower the Yes training was perfect for the Junior League members - it had applications for leaders both professionally and within our training organization. Sarah is authentic and put the room at ease right away, making it a safe space to discuss our communication skills and work out the kinks with each other right there in the room. Between the content and the way Sarah presents, this was a great workshop and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to develop their leadership skills! And our attendees agree – 22 out of 23 would recommend Sarah come back and a few survey comments included “Really great speaker with practical advice. Bring her back for other topics/life advice.” And “Best speaker ever”.
— Christina Green, Junior League of Seattle
I was fortunate enough to have Sarah as a guest speaker at a BossBabe event I had for my team and clients. Sarah collaborated with me to understand the goal and vision I had for the event and used her training and knowledge to craft a top 5 mindset tips for the BossBabe presentation that was delivered in a memorable manner. What I loved the most about Sarah’s style is her authenticity and soul. You know she is speaking from her heart and truly wants to see others succeed. I received many ‘thank you for inviting her’ from attendees. I know I was left feeling empowered. Empowered to know that I can go out there and be an amazing mom, wife, friend and STILL kick ass at my business!”. I would most definitely recommend Sarah as a speaker and coach. In fact, I am hoping to have her back again for another BossBabe event very soon!
— Jennifer Tamman, Transform30
It was such a pleasure to have Sarah speak to the Junior League of Seattle for our women’s financial empowerment training. The round table discussion she facilitated was engaging, funny, insightful, and helpful for our members in many ways. Sarah has an incredible talent for drawing people out of their comfort zone and into a place of truth and growth. She left us all inspired to take small but meaningful steps towards our own personal goals.
— Robin Van Deren, Junior League of Seattle - Training Committee Vice Chair