Spark Session

You have an idea of where you are headed; however, you have not been able to gain much traction and you aren't very excited about the goal anymore. The spark session is designed to reinvigorate one of your goals.  

Do one of these sound familiar?

  • You have a million ideas running through your head and can't seem to focus on even one to move forward.
  • You can't decide if a decision you need to make is based on what you want or what others think/want.
  • You have a deadline coming up and the procrastination is getting worse.
  • You have a business or life goal that you are totally uninspired by.
  • You are working on a big project and things feel a bit chaotic right now.
  • Your vision for what is next has gotten really fuzzy.
  • You are looking for an extra jolt for interviewing.
  • You are looking for an extra jolt to send out that business proposal.
  • Actually, you are just looking for a jolt, period as you are feeling pretty bored at the moment.
Photo by Priscilla Westra

Photo by Priscilla Westra

You have the opportunity to walk away with

  • Clarity on your vision
  • Inspired about what is next
  • An abundance of encouragement
  • A dimming of the mental chatter
  • An action plan with tangible steps
Photo By Julien Lavallee

Photo By Julien Lavallee

I recently spent the day in a power session with Sarah and I was thoroughly impressed – 100% yes! I was working on a large project for my business and was facing core challenges around where to start, how to take action, and what direction I ultimately wanted to take my business. Sarah was able to assist me with taking all of the information in my head and putting it down in a simple actionable document that left me with great clarity and a renewed sense of inspiration. Sarah’s professionalism, intrinsic strategic skills, and her tacit knowledg are coupled with an amazing sense of humor. Sarah challenged me to think big and pushed me to consider greater possibilities for my life and business.
— Monica D, CEO

The Spark Session Includes

  • A questionnaire to fill out prior to your session
  • A 90 minute video or phone call with Sarah
  • A recording of your call
  • A 30 minute touch base call one month after your session
  • Support, insight, laughter, aha's, and more!

You don't have to keep banging your head against the wall trying to move forward. You don't have to continue to feel bored and all over the place. It is time to give you a break from trying to figure it out yourself, have some fun, AND put the spark back into your plans.

Your investment for the Spark Session is $625.