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In the video From Fine to Freedom, Teresa graciously shares her story of life before coaching, the journey, and what she has created in working with Sarah. Teresa's enthusiasm for life is contagious!

When I started working with Sarah, I was working on developing breakthroughs in ‘connection’ with others as well as injecting more ‘play’ in all aspects of my life. Having created a winning strategy around being organized, creating a vision, and getting things done my life was very focused and purposeful. However, I wasn’t reliable to create the aforementioned breakthroughs. Working with Sarah was perfect for me at this point in my life. She understood my challenge, was highly competent at adapting her coaching style to fit my needs, and felt that I could relate to her. I would definitely recommend working with Sarah and hiring her as your coach. Especially if you’re interested in creating change in the area that will create the greatest transformation in your life…you know, the area that you’re likely not going to address on your own.
— Wes Kennedy, Founder - Elite Training Programs
A woman I had met a few months ago at an event said she has seen a big shift in my confidence and presence! It made me so happy to have someone acknowledge/notice the change in me! I can honestly say it is due to our coaching!!! You have helped me to find my joy and my confidence again! I am truly shifting in the right direction and feel the wind is at my back as I move forward in my business!
— Brenda Hastings - Seattle, WA

In the video From Unsure to Unstoppable, Dr. Jen generously shares what has been the shift for her in following her dreams and what her journey in working with Sarah has created. Dr. Jen is one inspiring woman!

I attended one of Sarah’s workshops and was so impressed with her ability to make everyone in the room feel important. This is not an easy task when you are working with a variety of individuals. What a gift! I learned a great deal in the workshop and for the first time I really finished a project design.
— Jan P - Seattle, WA
Sarah has the ability to get me to joyously do the work of creating the life I want for myself. With her help, I have been able to see what’s really important to me and to develop practices that support and nurture those things. With her wisdom, humor and commitment to me and my dream, I have been able to find the path to a life that I secretly dreamt about but never thought I could really have. Our sessions are invigorating, intimidating, enlightening and always amazing and I look forward to each and every one of them.
— Wendy Colgan - Seattle, WA
Meeting Sarah has been one of the most impactful relationships I’ve had. Was I successful? Yes. Was I happy? Yes! Were there lots of dreams I’d ticked off my bucket list? Yes! And I knew there was more. I could feel it to my core. Things that I knew I wasn’t in integrity with myself about. Things I knew I skirted the issue with others. Lots and lots of time spent in my head with the swirl of commentary that my lovely “board of advisors” freely gives. Working with Sarah has created access to freedom and ease that is priceless. I feel like I’m finally moving out of the quicksand of inertia and able to maintain momentum.
— Teresa Stott - Dallas, TX
I wanted support in some career changes I had been contemplating and was looking for a coach with insight and trust. If I was going to work with a coach in any capacity it had to be someone I trusted. Working with Sarah was a great move. The sessions, practices, etc. have given me the ability to define and refine what I need to focus on to move forward on those ventures most of us just leave on the shelf of life.
— Dick S - New York, NY
I recently spent the day in a power session with Sarah and I was thoroughly impressed – 100% yes! I was working on a large project for my business and was facing core challenges around where to start, how to take action, and what direction I ultimately wanted to take my business. Sarah was able to assist me with taking all of the information in my head and putting it down in a simple actionable document that left me with great clarity and a renewed sense of inspiration. Sarah is extremely effective and focused, all the while, checking in with me, and helping me deal with any road- blocks and obstacles I could come up with, real or imagined. Sarah’s professionalism, intrinsic strategic skills, and her tacit knowledge (which I think is the most powerful part of her work during our power session) are coupled with an amazing sense of humor. Sarah challenged me to think big and pushed me to consider greater possibilities for my life and business. She was able to do this in a gentle manner while still being extremely strong, determined and a formidable coach.
— Monica D - Seattle, WA
My experience working with Sarah was amazing. I started out prior working with her in an uncertain state of where I wanted to be professionally and unclear of the direction to take in a new career avenue. I found myself doubting not only my decisions in this change but also certain things in life. I had multiple challenges with following through, setting a goal and actually achieving it to the end. I realized too that not only the challenges and the struggles I experienced with a career shift also played a huge part in my overall life as well. After meeting with Sarah once a week I realized a lot of things about not just focusing on goals for my career but more importantly I realized more about myself. I became open to new ways of doing things and a different outcome to something I didn’t clearly see before. Every time I would end a session I would feel this great since of motivation to create or to really take on the projects that we had outlines in the session. The results I got from her coaching were always so positive. Many times I would come into a session defeated and end with accomplishment and energy. I also felt like I received great attainable projects that truly helped me out and that gave me confidence in myself. So many projects or little things come to mind that truly seemed silly but honestly really helped. My favorite aspect of her coaching was the positive energy, the availability and support outside of our sessions, and the fact she always listened and had great projects to work on. I would recommend Sarah and her coaching. It truly has helped me in so many ways. I can’t thank her enough. She not only is a great, positive person herself, but she also has a passion for what she does and her coaching techniques and style are superb.
— Kristin S - Seattle, WA

Events & Group Gatherings

Sarah’s enthusiasm is contagious!
— Noelle D - Seattle, WA
Such a fun group of ladies! The organizer (Sarah) facilitated the meetup in a way that allowed us to meet and get to know a lot of people in a short amount of time.
— Jackie - Seattle, WA
Capital F fun ladies! Sarah created such a welcoming and engaging environment. Really enjoyed my afternoon. Thank you!
— Michelle M - Seattle, WA
Fun night! You’ve put together a great monthly get-together, Sarah!
— Jan - Seattle, WA
Wonderful group. Truly stellar badassery going on there. Looking forward to more of this. Thank you Sarah!
— Carmen P - Seattle, WA

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