Lead from Within

Having leaders that are fulfilled, confident, clear on their impact, and in touch with their emotional intelligence is no longer a luxury. In fact, ignoring the pressure, burn-out, and wtf that leaders often feel trickles down and can lead to:

  • disgruntled employees

  • low morale

  • less productivity

  • lack of vision

  • decrease in customer satisfaction

Which ... you guessed it. All impacts the overall bottom-line.Through coaching, organizations can invoke the human potential that creates a culture of highly impactful, fulfilled leaders.

Not a campaign that ends as quickly as it began but a true shift in how people show-up for your organization, each other, and themselves. 

Leadership happens in every day moments and the ripple effect those moments have are extremely powerful. Does the below sound like you or your organization? 

  • You want to leave a legacy that makes the world better.

  • You are committed to an organizational culture that fosters innovation, fun, big dreamers, inclusion, and leaders at all levels.

  • You love forging your own path and challenging the status quo.

  • You believe that one never stops learning and growing.

  • You enjoy a wicked sense of humor.

Awesome. I'd love to hear more about what you are up to, what your pain points are, and what you would like to create. From there we can determine if working together is a fit and what program would best serve you. To setup a time to connect, contact me at sarah@sarahschneiderco.com or fill out the contact form.

Check out a summary of the programs below!

I recently spent the day in a power session with Sarah and I was thoroughly impressed – 100% yes! I was working on a large project for my business and was facing core challenges around where to start, how to take action, and what direction I ultimately wanted to take my business. Sarah was able to assist me with taking all of the information in my head and putting it down in a simple actionable document that left me with great clarity and a renewed sense of inspiration. Sarah’s professionalism, intrinsic strategic skills, and her tacit knowledge are coupled with an amazing sense of humor. Sarah challenged me to think big and pushed me to consider greater possibilities for my life and business. She was able to do this in a gentle manner while still being extremely strong, determined and a formidable coach.
— Monica D, CEO

Summary of Programs

Photo by Olu Eletu

Photo by Olu Eletu

Executive Coaching

The top level of leadership sets the tone for the rest of the organization. To have a culture based on leadership, executives need to exemplify that vision. It is not about being perfect it is about being willing to embrace vulnerability, authenticity, and empowering those around you. Being at the top can be lonely and has added pressure. That does not mean that you have to sacrifice your well-being, work/life integration, or your soul. Can you be a highly impactful leader and have the fun and freedom you crave? Absolutely. It begins within.

Emerging Leader Coaching

Coaching in its simplest form is to bridge the gap between where someone is and where they want to be. When employees can have an integrated life and be at choice they gain the power to step into their own possibility. Providing your newer leaders with coaching is a stand for generating long-term shifts in their lives and leadership. Your leaders have the opportunity to presence themselves to their own greatness and notice when the myriad of fears, judgements, and patterns get in the way. 

Photo by Remy Baudouin

Photo by Remy Baudouin

Photo by Nicholas Swanson

Photo by Nicholas Swanson

Workshops - Team Collaboration & Leader Development

First and foremost the workshops are designed to be FUN. This is not a snooze fest, get me out of here kind of workshop. Humor, improv exercises, open dialogue, deep work, and actions for after the workshop are all blended together to create a one-of-a-kind, engaging, effective experience. 

  • Take your teams from disjointed (I) to unified (we)

  • Improve communication between leaders

  • Increase employee engagement and performance

  • Create a culture of work/life integration

  • Teach leaders how to increase their impact and influence in a positive way

  • And that is just the tip of the iceberg

Photo by Leon Sierlien

Photo by Leon Sierlien

Lead with a Vision

Do your employees know where the company is headed? Are your teams operating under a unified goal? Whether you are just starting a company, going through a reorganization, or looking at reigniting the passion in your organization, having a clear vision is the first step.

  • Where are you headed?

  • Who do you want to be as you head there?

  • What is the impact you will make?

  • What are you committed to?

Emotion, blind spots, fear, history, obstacles, etc. can get in the way of not only generating a clear vision but also allowing yourself to really dream. Bring in Sarah as an objective third party, who blends years of facilitation, business analysis, project management, leadership, and coaching to create a clear vision and action plan with you. Oh, and laughter will be a side benefit (I mean seriously these discussions don't have to be poke your eye out kind of meetings). 

Rave Reviews

Sarah recently spoke at one of my networking chapter events on leadership. I’m a tough judge of speakers and she knocked it out of the park. She is funny, relatable, delivers a great message that inspires, teaches and makes you laugh.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to hire a speaker for an event, workshop or retreat.
— Julie Fry - CEO, Business Among Moms
Sarah is a bright, conscientious, professional and thoughtful leader. She engages fully on all levels in every endeavor and has an excellent balance of a pursuit of success and results and an appreciation for humor and fun.

I would recommend Sarah as a coach, mentor, and advocate.
— Sara Goellner - Business Development Manager, WWT

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a coach?

Coaching bridges the gap between where you are and where you truly want to be. The question to ask yourself, “Is there one or more areas of my life that I am sick of how it is going and want to create different results?”. Do I hear a “darn tootin’!”? Well then a coach adds power, support, accountability, insight, and structure to the experience. Olympic athletes work with coaches. You want to be an olympian at life, at business, at leadership, at compassion, at love ... you get the picture ... hire a coach. 

What should I look for in a coach?

Coaching is a partnership between the client and coach. Having an initial discovery session with a coach allows you to see if the coach’s style and personality is a fit for you. Additionally, effective coaches are objective, non-judgmental, rock-star listeners, insightful, and direct. I also believe that having a wicked sense of humor is critical; however, that is my own personal preference. In case your next question is are you funny, I am. Hysterical.

What is the difference between coaching, therapy, consulting, and training?

The International Coach Federation FAQ page does a good job of breaking down the differences of each profession. To summarize:

  • Coaching – focus on future, nothing to fix, create awareness, structures to create lasting results, coach and client are partners

  • Therapy – focus on the past, issues to fix

  • Consulting – client has a problem that the consultant can solve, assumes a level of expertise over client

  • Training – educating the client, assumes a level of expertise over the client

What if I know I want to make a change but I am not sure what that change is?

That scenario is actually very common. The beauty of coaching is that the coach meets you wherever you are at in the process. Together you can gain insight into what you want and where you want to go.

Where does your coaching take place?

One-on-one coaching sessions are performed via phone or video based on your preference. The workshops are most effective in-person. Speaking engagements can be in-person or via a web-conference.